Compost handbook

Compost handbook

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Compost handbook

Authors: Carsten Bachert, Werner Bidlingmaier, Suraphong Wattanachira




Composting systems can be simple and unsophisticated for countries in early stages of development or mechanized and sophisticated for countries with relatively advanced technical development. In developing countries these treatment of bio waste has many advantages: low equipment and operation costs, in harmony with the environment, and in the end of the process a useful product. These manual try to give a helping hand in designing and maintaining a composting plant in economically developing countries. 

The adjustment of the natural process in a composting plant by optimizing the natural conditions this handbook gives the knowledge about, the process of composting, the design of a composting plant, the monitoring of the process, same facts about troubleshooting, and so on. The monitoring of the composting process is very important to provide these optimal conditions in the windrow and to get a good and useful product, the compost




English language

Composting Handbook (english | 4,5 MB)

Appendix (english | 1,0 MB)

Limba română

Manual privind producerea compostului în grămezi (şiruri) neacoperite (românesc | 5,0 MB)

ภาษาไทย (Thai language)

Composting Handbook (Thai| 4,5 MB)