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The Orbitscience website offers free information on waste management on both, applied and scientific issues. Our main focus is the support of decision makers, planners and students in waste management sector and on serving as information source for interested readers.

All authors wrote their articles based on their level of knowledge at the time of publication and did their best to ensure scientific accuracy and technical applicability. Each author is responsible for his content.

Our content is deliberately provided without a review system because:

  • Orbitscience is not a publication platform,
  • the articles are not necessarily publications of new research results,
  • a review system does not make sense for longer, more complex articles,
  • we believe the user himself has to critically decide in how far he can make use of the provided knowledge,
  • own validation is part of good technical and scientific work methods.

Nothing is perfect! That is why we as the operators of the site are open to problem reports and ideas for further topics. Please contact us!

Not all texts are available in several languages. If you are interested in a particular translation please send us a message.

Contributions from visitors are welcome. Studies or reports can be published in the section “Literature”, with reference to the author of course. Short contributions like e.g. articles will be published in the section “Journal”.

Finally we would like to mention our “Waste Composition” -questionary. Where we have started to collect international data on the components of municipal wastes. We would be delighted if you added your own data or data that you found during your researches. You can find the entry form here or after a download.

We will make these data available once a year. Thank you very much for your participation.

Dr. W. Bidlingmaier, Dr. L. Diaz, Dr. C. Springer, Dr. M. C. Lavagnolo