Medical Waste

Medical Waste

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Management and Tre­atment of  Health-Care Waste

Author: Dr. E. Jager, R. Stolze, Dr. W. Bidlingmaier



This curriculum contains the different categories of the health-care waste (HCW) - also known as hospital, clinical or medical waste -, and the entire problem of the health-care waste management (HCWM). The specific requirements to the man­agement in developing countries are considered.

Health risks that result from inadequate management of health-care waste inside and outside of a medical facility are also described. In this connection inform the curriculum about international, national and regional regulations and legislative aspects.

Minimal health-care waste management programmes for minor health-care facili­ties in remote locations and with very limited resources are likewise described as well as management programmes for university hospitals.



Management and treatment of health-care waste (english | 2,6 MB)