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Who we are:


Professor Dr.-Ing. Werner Bidlingmaier


  • 1989  1993: Privatdozent at the University Stuttgart
  • 1993 -1997: Professor for Waste Management at the University of Essen
  • 1997 - 2011: Professor for Waste Management at the Bauhaus-University Weimar (retired)
  • Current: Docent at the University of Padua (Waste Management in Developing Countries)


  • Scientific Award University of Brussels
  • "A Life for Waste" Sardinia 2015

Professional Activities, research, planning and construction

  • biological utilization of refuse (technical examination, processing, biological and chemical research)     
  • biogas production
  • composting
  • mechanical recycling technologies
  • compost quality and compost use
  • Development of Waste Management programs for communities and the industry
  • emissions from composting, AD and incineration plants
  • biological degradation and compostability of bio degradable plastics (e.g. creation of test methods)     
  • emissions from landfill sites
  • biological and mechanical pretreatment of waste before landfilling
  • long-term emissions from landfilling
  • infrastructure planning
  • Recycling of bio polymers
  • Waste Management in developing countries


  • 12 scientific books
  • 87 publications
  • 69 Conference papers

Assignments Abroad

  • Projects in over 45 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the US
  • Lesson at 21 Universities out of Germany



Dr.-Ing. Christian Springer  


  • 2004 - 2005: Project engineer at Knoten Weimar GmbH
  • 2005 - 2010: Researcher at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
  • 2011 - 2013: Founder and Manager of Encover GbR
  • 2012 - 2013: Research Coordinator at MFPA Weimar
  • 2013: Visiting professor at IITM Chennai, India
  • 2014 - today: Manager of distance Masters course Water and the Environment at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
  • 2015 - today: Docent at the University of Padua (Waste Management in Developing Countries)


  • Award Gütegemeinschaft Kompost Berlin - Brandenburg - Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. for Ph.D. theses

Professional Activities, research, planning and construction

  • biological utilization of refuse,
  • advanced oxidation processes in purification of water and air,
  • balancing and modelling of energy and material flows,
  • new alternative sanitation systems,
  • mechanical recycling technologies,
  • compost quality and compost use,
  • development of Waste Management programs for communities and the industry,
  • emissions from landfill sites,
  • biological and mechanical pretreatment of waste before landfilling,
  • long-term emissions from landfilling,
  • infrastructure planning,
  • waste Management in developing countries,
  • distance learning and blended learning concepts.


  • 1 scientific book
  • 10 publications
  • 17 Conference papers

Assignments Abroad

  • Projects in 10 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Lesson at Bauhaus - Universität Weimar, IITM Chennai and University of Padua




Dr. – Engineer. Luis F. Diaz


Doctorate, Engineering (h.c.), Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
Doctorate, Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, San Jose State University, California, USA

Other Training
Odor Emission Evaluation

Chair, Task Group on Developing Countries, IWWG (2004 to present)
Member, Executive Committee of Advisory Board, College of Engineering, San José State University (1994 to 2004)
Recipient, Dean’s College of Engineering Service Award, San Jose State University, 1998
Recipient, 1982 Engineering Award of Distinction, San Jose State University
Awarded medals and certificates as “Distinguished Visitor” by several Municipalities around the world.

1975 to Present: Principal, CalRecovery, Inc. USA
1980 to 1981: Instructor, San Francisco State University, USA
1972 to 1977: Research Engineer/Instructor, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Currently: Docent at the Bauhaus University , Weimar, Germany.

Professional Activities
• Planning. 
• Composting. 
• Waste Processing Design and Analyses. 

• Recycling.
• Collection and Waste Processing.
• Waste Characterization and Toxicity.
• Landfilling.
• Marketing.
• Energy from Biomass.
• Hazardous Wastes.
• Health Care Wastes.
• Waste-to-Energy.
• Wastepaper Processing.
• Landfill Mining and Reclamation.
• Technology Transfer and Training.
• Waste Management in Developing Countries

Technology Transfer
• Has given lectures at several Universities in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Has published 14 books and more than 400 articles on the subject of solid waste and the production of energy from renewable resources.



Dr. Maria Cristina Lavagnolo


Profession/Education activities

1996-2001: Engineering Project Manger at Eurowaste s.rl. private company in Padova, Italy
2002-today: Assistant Professor at the University of Padova, teaching on:
2003-2010 Environmental Engineering Plants
2003-2008 Water Treatment
2010-2013 Waste Mangement in Developing Countries
2012-today Environmental Sanitary Engineering
2012-today: Environmental Sanitary Engineering, ENSTP, Yaoundè, Cameroun
2014-today: Solid Waste and Environmental Management, ENSTP, Yaoundè, Padova
2012-2016: Director of distance master course "Integrated water resources management and environmental sanitation in Developing Countries" at University of Padova & ENSTP, Yaoundè
2012-2016: Vice director of distance master course "Technologies for the sustainable and intercultural management of wastes in African Countries " at University of Padova & ENSTP, Yaoundè

Research groups member:

"Africa Round Table", to promote and support scientific and cultural projects in Africa
"Teaching for Learning", to promote an interactive learning community and to experience new educational models
"Environmental sustainability", to promote good enviromental sustainable practices
IWWG Task Group on "Waste management in developing countries"


2013: Kriton Kuri award, Best Project in Developing Countries-Sardinia 2013 International Symposium
2017: Second Best Paper, Wastesafe 2017

Last ten years financed projects:

2005-2017: ENERGIANOVA project, Integrated Solid Organic Waste and Wastewater Management at the Bosconero hut; CAI- Italian Alpin Association (BL), Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Verona,Vicenza, Belluno, Ancona, University of Padova, Fondazione Angelini (BL)
2005-2007: PRIN 2005, Remediation of contaminated lagoon sediment; MIUR (Italian Minister of University Research), University of Padova2007-2010: Hydrogen production from organic waste; PRAT, University of Padova
2007-2017: Phytodepuration of different wastewater streams by energy crops; University of Padova
2009-2014: UASB/septic tank for integrated waste and wastewater treatment; University of Padova
2014: International project "Literary cafè at Yaoundè", to promote the awarness on environmental topics; Veneto Regional Government, Rotary Club Padova, Univ. of Padova
2015-2016: GBRSU International project on Sustainable Waste Management in Bissau and Identification of a new landfill site; EU, LVIA-Lay Volunteers International Association, Bissau Municipality, University of Padova
2015-2016: PROSIGRU International project on Solid Waste Management in Mozambique; EU, ANAMM National Association of the municipalities in Mozambique, DNGA-MICOA Environmental Minister in Mozambique, University of Padova
2016-2017: ROLES, International Bilateral Project between Italy and China on Remediation of Old Landfill for Environmental Sustainability and final sink; MISE Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Scientific secretary:

2008: "Rifiuti, ambiente e salute", National Seminar, Padova
2014: International Congress, "SUM, Symposium on Urban Mining", Bergamo
2012-2015: TDR, Tavolo di Roma, International committee on sustainable waste management
2013-2016: CTTC, National Committee on remediation on contaminated sites
2016: "SUM, Symposium on Urban Mining and Circular Economy", International Congress, Bergamo

Editorial activities:

2012-2014: Editor for Glance at the World in Waste Management Journal, ed. Elsevier
2017: Guest Editor for Bioresource and Biotechnology, ed. Elsevier


Three different chapters in scientific books
25 scientific publications
more than 40 conference papers